ASAP: Accessing Support for All Parents
Decision Making Tool
Return to Work or Stay at Home?

ASAP: Accessing Support for All Parents | Child Care Aware®

ASAP: Accessing Support for All Parents

The decision to stay at home or return to work is not easy. Child Care Aware’s Accessing Support for All Parents (ASAP) project will help families look at factors involved in making decisions about child care.

The ASAP Decision Making Tool allows families to:

Decision Making Tool Process:

  1. Things to Consider
  2. My Thoughts So Far
  3. Making My Child Care Choice
    1. Return to Work
    2. Stay Home with My Child
  4. Locating Additional Resources and Support

The Decision Making Tool offers resources which include interactive questions, a budgeting calculator, and various articles intended to aide in a family's child care decision making process. A family's child care choice is their decision. NACCRRA and Child Care Aware work to provide information, resources, and support to families so they may make informed decisions.

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